Mad River Explorer

The Mad River Explorer is no longer available in Fiberglass or the Kevlar Lightweight layup. We have a few left and think these are super boats. Both models feature symmetrical hulls, slight rocker and a shallow V. Features include ash gunwales, canoe seat

The fiberglass canoe is laid up by hand with fiberglass material and reinforced in the ends with Kevlar. Fiberglass offers a high performance hull at an affordable price that is ideal for lake and river paddling.

The Kevlar lightweight features a layer of Core-Cell foam in the bottom of the boat which reduces the weight by up to 20% over a full kevlar layup. The coloration of this boat goes all the way through the hull so it hides scratches better than other materials. Advantages are a very stiff but lightweight hull.

Material length width 4"waterline center depth Bow height weight capacity
Fiberglass 16'4" 34.5" 33.25" 14.5" 22.75" 69 pounds 110 pounds
Kevlar LightWeight 16'4" 34.5" 33.25" 14.5" 22.75" 42 pounds 1100 pounds