Wilderness Systems Capehorn Pro

15' 10"' Fiberglass with rudder: Aqua top deck, White bottom

The ultimate medium built person's touring kayak, light enough to be easily handled, but fast and sleek and super stable with effortless tracking. You will never need a rudder on this boat unless you want it for channel crossings and heavy winds.

A beautiful to paddle kayak for the gal or guy needing a light to handle kayak, and full touring capability in a slightly shorter touring configuration. The keel is semi - straight, and very pronounced (1.5" projection) front to rear, which means you don't expend effort correcting direction, and can concentrate on enjoying the day, not refining your stroke.
Soft chines and flat midsection give this boat super stable feeling for the newest neophyte paddler, while the length and rudder permit you to grow your skill level and tackle coastal paddling and big lake conditions. Cockpit is loose and open, a plus for the majority of us.