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September Specials

Accessory packages: Buy a boat and we'll get you on the water for just a little more cash.
Good : Harmony paddle + Voyageur PFD = $99
Better: Cadence touring paddle + Extrasport PFD = $154
Best Seller: Harmony paddle with featherlock + MTI deluxe PFD = $229

September special kayaks are boats we need to move out to make space for new stock. Boats listed below may be used, blems, demos, discontinued or overstock. Most are in like-new condition. Anyway, you get a deal and get in some great fall paddling. If you want more details on any boat, just call or e:mail. When they're gone, they're gone.

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Model description color length width weight material Sale price
Breeze Roomy, stable day touring. Spacious cockpit. 3 inches of rocker and rounded cross section make this an easy turning, big water design kayak. Great for midwest rivers to Great Lakes shoreline. Excellent thigh contact points that many ladies find a great choice. This is Current Designs biggest cockpit. red 13'6" 25" 54 poly $749
Squall Very popular sea kayak for mid-size paddler up to 160 pounds, lean build. Ladies love this choice for it's close cockpit fit and thigh control points that feels like a pricey composite kayak. Easiest rudder mechanism on the market with a unique lever arm that extends the rudder. This kayak fits like a glove. Lightweight for it's class. yellow or blue 16'6" 22.25" 61 poly $1050


Model description color length width weight capacity material Sale price
Loon 160T Our best selling tandem kayak. Seat adjusts to paddle solo. This kayak makes good water speed, tracks straight and is more efficient in the water than any other double rec we've stocked. green 16' 29.5" 74 500 lbs polylink 3 $750
Nantucket Solid, stable, roomy day touring. 2 vulcanized rubber hatches provide very water tight seal. Old Town's traditonal seat offers excellent back support. This is the only large paddler model Old Town makes that provides good thigh contact control only found in decked cockpits. red 14'9" 26" 55 350 lbs polylink 3 $799

PRIJON KAYAKS - click on underlined models for more information

Model description color length width weight material Sale price
Yukon Badria Sit-on-top with 2 sealed dry hatches, built in seat-back support. Super kid's - small adult kayak that maneuvers like a kid's playboat but is big enough for area rivers. Our narrowest sit-on-top with deep seat well which means you have good balance and easy paddle swing range. Don't let its length fool you - this boat has the maneuverability of a 9' kayak. Tri-hedral bottom shape helps it track when you wish. blue 14'5" 24" 42 HTP $499
Capri basic Basic light touring. Perfect for kids to athletic built adults shopping on a budget. At 40 lbs, this kayak is a lightweight value pick. HTP blowmolded very durable plastic, plus Prijons cockpits are ergonomically well designed with great fit. yellow 12' 25" 42 HTP $600
Samurai Whitewater. Slicey & dicey. Flared upswept ends for whitewater tricks and enders, low decks, squared edgy lines for planing. Fits paddlers to 180 lbs. yellow 8' 4"


HTP $833
Invader Whitewater. Old School down river style kayak. . Fits athletic body types to 165 lbs. Great cockpit fit. We have the correct Prijon whitewater paddle & skirts in stock. What else can you paddle 4 hours in, and not be worn out? Great choice for eskimo roll class students. blue 11" 24" 42 HTP $713


Model description color length width weight material Sale price
Epic w rudder Low profile touring boat with sleek, fast performance and plenty of storage. Andy Singer design: flat no rocker bottom inland river kayak, to calm coastal sea paddling. The best kayaks in the shop for a composite kayak superior close fit, at 1/3 the price. The lowest decks and narrowest width for the athletic built gal or guy up to 180 lb or more depending on leg size. We bought up several after a very short production life - nothing else like them in the industry even today. yellow,ruby/maize or blue 17' 22" 59 poly $1099
Pungo classic The original, stable, fun recreational kayak. Humongous cockpit. With hard chines and trihedral bottom shape, this boat tracks like its on rails similar to a 15' touring version. It is the best tracking rec boat with huge cockpit going, but the design has been updated to a narrower width. Handles paddlers to 240 lbs easily. We stock gear to set this up for anglers. ruby 12'1" 29.5" 50 poly $525
Riot Small sit-on top, easy to handle. A great kids to small adults play kayak. Cockpit drains & plugs included. Wilderness makes a rugged thicker plastic kayak. Never worry about the kids capsizing their kayaks again. 180 lbs capacity. sapphire/maize 9'6" 30" 40 poly $385
Sealution II w rudder Classic touring, dependable performance See description below. ruby 16'6" 22" 57 poly $1050
Sealution II

Small to large paddlers to 200 lbs. The original "sea kayak" from Wilderness. If you want a budget priced tough as nails kayak for Mississippi or large river paddling, you'll enjoy this choice. It has tall deck height, and accomodates big guys feet very well - a point lost on todays kayak designers. The kayak hull design is mostly flat, with slight shallow V, and accomodates beginners to intermediates nicely. We have this kayak version available for rental with one days rent toward purchase.

evergreen 16'6" 22" 57 poly $899
Sealution II XL w rudder Large volume touring and a rare find for the larger paddler.This boat has consistently been our go to choice for the 225 to 275 lb paddler guy with athletic build. He just can't fit 95% of the boats on the market. A full on sea kayak at 17', with very tame cross section design, and well mannered in big water. Like the other Sealutions, big cockpit deck height, foot room, and still a 23" width for performance. If you fit this, don't pass this deal by. Just 2 brand new ones left in the industry and we have them on sale. yellow or blue 17' 23" 60 poly $1175
Sealution II XS

Defined keel line that makes this boat track very straight without need for a rudder. Gentle cross section, turns well, responsive. We like this boat for our rentals and classes due to its generous one size fits all cockpits and beginner skill level hull shape. A great choice for the large paddler, especially guys with size 13s that can't find anything else that is comfortable.

granite emerald or ruby 14'9" 24" 55 poly $799
Twocan Forget the name. Call it Edsel, No call it One Can. This is the best cross trainer I have come across, period.. If you need sea kayak speed in a competition class plastic sit on top kayak, consider this boat. Buy it for athletic built paddler up to about 190, and not for two adults unless you are both low weight. Your bottom gets wet in 2 person useage, but never in one person. And the boat is not designed to be stable, it is shaped for speed. The hull has the familiar Tri- hedral tracking lines like a Pungo, and goes ruler straight. Add seatback from our selection. gray 15'10" 27" 57 poly $584


Model description color length width weight material Sale price
Osprey A real deal complete kayak package with (2) O- ring sealed hatches, drain plug, adjustable aluminum foot pegs, and built in backband that provides better support than most. If you need a pair of kayaks for the family or cabin, you will love this choice. You can rent the bigger version, and credit one rental toward purchase. Performance is better than most with their 22" water width topped by a wider sponson above the water giving high secondary stability so you can't tip this plank over. Bottom is comletely flat, for easy beginner level paddling. Cockpit well is 18" wide, and fits paddlers to 5'10" or 5'11". Capacity 250 lb. red or mango 13'1" 29" 57 poly $529

OCEAN KAYAK: - click here or on underlined models for more information

Model description color length width weight material price
Malibu Two Sit-on-top for one or two. If you need a big boys kayak for one, with huge stability, this is the value king. If you want a do it all kayak for 2 smaller sized people, or adult with child that is economy priced, you'll like the original sit on top from Ocean Kayak - who created this type of craft. Add seat backs and plugs from a selection we stock. These family style kayks are great for standing and swimming platforms. Hard to capsize, can't get in trouble with them. Super easy to wash out, and no special car top racks are required. 320 lb. capacity. red 12' 34" 61 poly $542
Scrambler XT Like the Ospreys from Heritage, a great choice for families on a budget for the cabin or RV. Narrow enough to reach the water for kids, stable enough for medium build adults. 260 capacity. Features a tank well for scuba tank or Igloo cooler. Sized for smaller water to area rivers. Add drain plugs and seat back from choices in stock. blue or lime 12' 29" 56 poly $470

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